Emcee - Gail Kolis Sellers

The second presentation was made on September 29, 2015 and focused on the emerging issue of the Impact of Arts and Performance-Related Businesses on Adams.  Seeking to assess the current state of such development in Adams from the local perspective and, through a series of speakers, to identify initiatives and actions that can be taken to improve the Town's economic well-being. Topics discussed and invited speakers included:

1.       Understanding the Current Economic Impact of the Arts in Adams & the County
Richard Tavelli, A-AC volunteer focusing on development initiatives

2.       Four Examples of Arts- Related Developments NOW UNDERWAY in Adams
Gail Kolis Sellers, local artist and business owner

3.       Opportunities for Arts-Related Developments in Adams
Francie Anne Riley, owner / investor in the Simmons Building

4.       Moving Forward: The Adams Arts Advisory Board and Economic Development Commission Initiatives
Tony Mazzucco, Adams Town Administrator

5.       Regional Perspectives
Eric Rudd, developer of the Eclipse Mill and other arts projects

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Gallery and Artists Studio - 13 1/2 Grove Street 
Gallery and Artists Studio - 71 Park Street
Rapoza Center for the Arts - 6 Liberty Street
Print Making Studios - Old Stone Mill, 2A Grove Street


Old Market, 23 Mill Street
Industrial Building, 15 Grove Street
St Mark's Church, Commercial Street
Childcare Center, 117 Grove Street
Mason Hall Church, 62 Center Street
Live/work space - 30 Park Street
Live/work space - 64 Summer Street
Former B & B - 6 East Street

Former Youth Center - East Street
Memorial School Building - Columbia Street
Curtis Paper Mill - Howland Avenue
Goodwill Building- Howland Avenue
Adams Stove Building / School - Columbia Street
Dale Long Bar - Columbia Street
Dance Studio - Commercial Street

In the end Artists are looking for spaces, to live and work in, in a town that is receptive to some zoning variances, allowing some re-purposing of buildings that have remained empty too long, AND a Building Department that can see clearly how small concessions in hard and fast building codes can revitalize the town.


The Adams Arts Advisory Board was recently created  is designed to strengthen the visibility of arts and artists of all disciplines within our community, making Adams a go-to art destination.

The AAAB seeks to develop and manage a comprehensive arts initiative, forming a master plan for growth of public arts throughout Adams.  The AAAB wishes to develop an Annual Arts Festival Event.

The AAAB seeks to help artists locate resources within the greater New England area for the development of their art through maintaining an ongoing directory, listing grant opportunities, promoting historic landmarks, museums and points of cultural interest within the Town of Adams, MA - 

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