Day Conference Sponsored by State Representative Gail Cariddi.

The Adams Anthony Center is a Collaborating Partner. 

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
North Adams, Mass
July 16, 2016


Emcee - Bill Kolis

Tuesday February 16, 2016
Our fourth presentation was on the pressing issue of the downtown revitalization with a joint presentation by the Downtown Adams Group and the Adams Arts Advisory Board on their plans for 2016.   Presentations focused on specific plans to expedite and move forward specific investment projects now underway or planned for development in Adams. In addition, resources and services available at no cost to those considering a start up and those who are already in business in Adams and seek advice in taking the next steps to grow. Topics to be discussed included the following:

1.     Pop-up Stores
Bill Kolis presents a unique start-up program planned to start in May which combines business start-ups with and available private real estate at a lower entry costs.
2.     Starting a Downtown Business
Invited Speaker Keith Girouard and Richard Tavelli on the support and financial opportunities to provide free business support services as well as a step by step guide to starting a downtown business.

3.     Adams Business Advisory Team (BAT)
Nate Girard and Stephen Stenson on the assistance provided to 7 local private business developments, opening this year, with an investment of over $10 million into Adams.

4.     The Downtown Plan for the Adams Arts Advisory Board
Francie Anne Riley and George LeMaitre will give an overview of the many projects that this volunteer group is undertaking to draw visitors and attention to the downtown.


The first presentation was made on August 11, 2015 and focused on the pressing issue of economic development.  Seeking to assess the current conditions in Adams from the local perspective and, through a series of speakers, to identify initiatives and actions that can be taken to improve the town's economic well being the topics discussed included:
1.      Understanding the current demographic and economic situation in Adams.
Invited Speaker Mr. Stephen Stenson, Developer of the Mausert Block, Adams.

2.      The Local Banker's Perspective
Invited Speaker Mr. Charles P. O'Brien, President & CEO Adams Community Bank.

3.      Regional Trends and Significant Initiatives that could Help Adams.
Invited Speaker, Richard Tavelli, A-AC volunteer focusing on development initiatives

4.      Moving Forward: The Adams Economic Development Commission.
Invited Speaker Mr. Tony Mazzucco, Adams Town Administrator

News article  - iBerkshires

Video (with thanks to Northern Berkshire Community Television) and slide presented below - 

Population Forecast

These are the Berkshire Planning projected numbers but revised with actual numbers (2010 – 2015) from North Adams to determine the current trend in North County.

 North Adams  Adams  Combined Towns
 2010 13,700   8,500     22,100 
 2020 13,000   8,000     21,000 
 2030 11,400   7,000     18,400 
 2040   9,100   5,600     14,700 
 2050   6,400   4,000     10,400 
 2060   4,800   3,000       7,800


Adams Town Administrator announced the creation of an Economic Development Committee in early 2015 and in conjunction a new Strategic Planning Process was commenced - 

News - EDC Concept
News - EDC Roll out 
News - Setting Out Town Goals 
News - Strategic Planning Process Review


Since 2000 the Town of Adams has developed a range of plans intended to increase economic activity.