Emcee - Steve Melito

At our fourth presentation in October 27, 2015 topics discussed and invited speakers included:
Shine Wire as Niche Manufacturer
Dick Tavelli, A-AC volunteer with extensive experience in entrepreneurial business development, corporate strategy, and international mergers and acquisitions (M&A), highlights Shine Wire, which is located in the Adams Industrial Park, as an example of how niche manufacturing can succeed while adding value to our Town.
From Makers to Manufacturers
Steve Melito, an Adams-based technical marketer who supports small-to-medium manufacturers across North America, shares a case study from New York State about how so-called “makers” (who share similarities with some of our region’s artists) can become manufacturers.
An Adams Expatriate Looks Back – and Then Ahead
Jason Bassi, Hoosac Valley High School (HVHS) graduate and Business Development Manager at GW Silicones (Royalton, VT) tells us what he got out of growing up in Adams, what he’s learned by working with global manufacturers, where he sees Adams today, and how he thinks the Town can grow.
STEM Education and the Public Schools
Jeremiah Ames, HVHS Principal, and Mark Kline, Tech Director for the Adams-Cheshire Regional School District (ACRSD), explain how the public schools support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), which is critical to a skilled workforce.
Technical Education and Vocational Training
Jim Brosnan, Superintendent of Charles H. McCann Technical High School, runs an educational institution that does so much more than prepare young people for careers in the trades. How does a McCann education support local manufacturing?  

Challenges and Opportunities
Dick Tavelli concludes our presentation by reviewing key studies, such as the Berkshire County Regional Planning Commission Report, that describe the challenges and benefits of siting manufacturing in our area. Learn what the region has to offer and what it needs to compete.